Fun Cocktail Napkins

Where to buy my favorite cocktail napkins!

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Do you love to entertain?

Your favorite summer cocktail needs a fun, colorful companion = aka the perfect cocktail napkin!

Here is a list of more than 15 different cocktail napkins (ranging from $18 – $140 per set) to shop. Add these napkins to your bar cart or perhaps they are the perfect hostess gift.

Where To Buy Fun Embroidered Cocktail Napkins


1. Overserved Cocktail Napkins from August Morgan 2. Ivy Heart Embroidered Napkins from Hibiscus Linens 3. Square Liberty Cocktail Napkins from Cortland and Co 4. Strawberry Cocktail Napkins in Navy from Elizabeth Lake 5. Frog Cocktail Napkin from Gatopard 6. Striped Cocktail Napkins from Heather Taylor Home 7. Scallop Cocktail Napkins from The Avenue 8. Rainbow Martini Cocktail Napkins from Elizabeth Lake 9. Pink Flowers Jardin Cocktail Napkins from Tory Burch 10. Indian Block Printed Scallop Edge Napkins from Zojora 11. Make Mine a Double from August Morgan 12. Mixed Floral Cocktail Napkins from The Avenue 13. Green and Blue Loomi Cocktail Napkins from Pepper Home 14. Lobster Cocktail Napkin from Gatopard 15. Blue Cocktail Napkins from Sferra 16. Aces Cocktail Napkins from Biscuit Home

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