What Is Your Go-To Travel Outfit?

comfortable, yet classic, items to wear while traveling

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Classic, Chic, Outfit to Wear While Traveling - Simply Elegant Blog

Recently, one of my kind readers sent me a shopping question and after sending her some ideas, I realized that I should create a blog post around my response! While many of us might not be traveling at the moment, perhaps this can inspire some wanderlust and you can bookmark this post to return to at a later date once we all feel more comfortable traveling again.


My family and I are hopefully(!) traveling from up north to the Bahamas (layover in NY) in the late spring. Do you have any good travel outfit? Comfy, easy transition from cooler (airplane air) to warm while sitting in customs? Totally random but looking for some cute, comfy outfits.


My main pieces of advice: wear pieces that you can easily layer (great for changing temperatures), choose pieces you will wear again during the trip, and stick to neutral colors.

These Cropped Flair Pants by Spanx are one of my go-to travel items. They are extremely comfortable (feel like leggings!) but made of a thicker material so they look much nicer than leggings. The flair is very flattering and also great for transitioning to warmer weather. They are great to have on a trip because you can easily wear them again and again, from a day exploring to a nice dinner out.

And then I also never seem to travel without a Travel Wrap Cashmere Scarf by White & Warren. This scarf is perfect for a trip because it is so versatile, you can wrap it up around your neck as a cozy scarf, use it like a blanket while traveling or use more as a shawl in a tropical climate.

For your bags – try to use bags for your flight that you can also use at your final destination. In my mind, a classic LLBean Boat Tote always does the trick (lately I have been using my camo version) and then for a trip to the Bahamas, a chic bag from Pamela Munson seems almost like a requirement. I love this Las Olas style because it is very soft (so you could easily pack it within your tote bag if needed) and you can also tuck in the strap to use it more as a clutch (2 bags in one!)

Shop the full look by clicking on the images above. (I own, love and wear each and every one of these exact items!)

Do you have a style or decor question?

Alway feel free to send it my way over email or via DM, and I will do my best to answer you right away (and maybe you will even see your question pop up here on the blog!)

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