Warm Winter Jackets

my search for the perfect winter coat to brave a cold Boston winter

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Black Mackage Kay Jacket and Moncler Kay Coat. Where to buy the perfect, warm winter parka

Fall is one of my favorite seasons, but before we know it, these lovely crisp autumn temperatures will disappear, and it will just be plain old, COLD! There is nothing like a good New England winter.

And so, it is necessary to be prepared. You need to have the right gear, the right warm-weather essentials: a good pair of boots, lots of hats and gloves and, of course, a warm winter jacket. 

But that leads to the key question:

Where do you buy a perfect women’s warm winter jacket?

I used to own a tried-and-true (and incredibly warm!) Canada Goose winter coat. As I am sure many of you can agree, Canada Goose makes a wonderful jacket. But I just got over it at some point…I did not love the fur collar, it was not very flattering, everyone seemed to have it…So I sold it on Poshmark and moved on. 

I found a simple replacement via Everlane (for a much more wallet-friendly $200.) The coat was equally unflattering, but it did the trick. 

Last winter, I added a Navy Short Puffer Jacket from Tory Sport to my closet. This coat became my go-to for any casual outfit or a quick errand. It is surprisingly warm and cozy! 

But now, as a new winter season is fast approaching, I am on the case to replace the Michelin Man puffer jacket I currently own (yes, I feel like the Michelin Man when I wear that Everlane style) with something a bit chicer. I am not sure a women’s down winter jacket can ever be overly flattering, but I do think there is some room for improvement. 😉 

And so, for the past few weeks, I have been searching for the perfect women’s winter coat—a simple black, cozy, puffer jacket to keep me warm throughout the cold Boston winters. I went from Saks to Mackage and Moncler, trying on one winter jacket after the next. 

Finally, I landed on two favorite winter coats:

And after much consideration (probably too much honestly thought honestly; how much can one person think about a winter coat..!) I decided to splurge and went with the Moncler.

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