Gold Charms

Five great sources to buy new and vintage gold charms for your jewelry collection.

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30 inch delicate chain, Vintage Smile Charm, 14k gold Wishbone Charm from Jennifer Fisher and Hexagon Charm from Charm Co. 

Lately, I can’t get enough of gold charms when it comes to jewelry. 

I love it all – be it an old-school charm bracelet or a layered charm necklace (I think a charm necklace is perhaps the younger or more modern take on a classic charm bracelet.) One day I might be wearing a big, chunky statement necklace full of affordable charms. And the next day, a more delicate, fine gold necklace with just 2 or 3 vintage charms. 

I love the idea of adding to your charm collection when you travel or as a way to celebrate a big life event like a birth or graduation. (Most jewelers can add engravings of dates, monograms or small messages to charms.) 

30 inch delicate chain, Vintage Cancer Charm, Vintage Round Pendant (initials engraved on other side), 14k gold Wishbone Charm from Jennifer Fisher, Pearl Charm from Lizzie Fortunato, Happy Pill Charm from Jennifer Fisher.

While I love building a collection of charms, I think it can be hard find quality sources for where to buy beautiful gold charms and necklaces. So I wanted to pop in here and share a list of jewelry brands I recommend for vintage and new gold charms. I hope this range of options (offering a wide array of price-points) will be helpful. 

Nan’s Favorite Sources for 14 or 18k Fine Gold Charms 

Other Brands with Charms  

If you are not quite ready to splurge on solid gold charms, I would suggest taking a look at the great options from Goldbug Collection and Hart Studio. 

24 inch Caviar Necklace Chain from Fewer Finer, Vintage Grasshopper Charm from Fewer Finer, Vintage Gold Sand Dollar Charm, Vintage Owl Charm (from my grandmother) and Vintage Green Cancer Charm (from my mom.) 

And let me know – did I miss any great jewelry sources??!

I am always bookmarking jewelry brand and ideas like these to my ‘one day wish list!’ So please send any and all ideas my way!

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