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This iPad keyboard: a new technology purchase that I love

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Do you own an iPad?

I had never had one but both my parents LOVE theirs so I have always been curious. So the other week I decided to finally to go for it and buy one for myself.

I bought the 10.9 inch iPad Air in Space Gray.

I of course wanted a case for the iPad so I bought this classic iPad Folio in White but I also bought a the new keyboard case. Apple calls this a ‘Magic Keyboard’ – your iPad Pro or iPad air will magnetically attach to the keyboard case. What I love about the keyboard is that it both has classic keyboard keys but then also a trackpad (so the experience of using iPad quickly mimics a traditional laptop.)

I also ordered the iPad pencil, but I have not really used it much, so I don’t think it is quite worth it (for me at least.)

**note, this keyboard case will not work for all iPads especially older models.

It works for the iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd generation) and iPad Air (5th generation)

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