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Recent purchases & items I am eyeing!

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March Shopping Guide - Gingham Tote Bag, Rattan Bar Cart, Kit Porter Art.

As the weekend and the month of March comes to a close, I want to share some of my favorite recent purchases and items I have my eye on.

Clockwise from top left:

  • Artwork by Kit Porter – this South Carolina based artist recently debuted a new collection of paintings that are so striking! I will certainly be adding her work to my ‘one day/dream house’ list. 

  • Gingham Tote Bag from Zara – How fun is this tote?! I have had it for a month or so but when my instagram friend Emily posted about it the other day, I realized I had yet to share it with you all. For $30, it makes the perfect beach bag for everyday tote. 

  • Vintage Rattan Bar Cart via Tory Jones Studio – My friend Tori has a fabulous site of her curated vintage home decor finds (everything from artwork to furniture!) I have my eye on this chic bar cart. 

  • Body Oil by Clarins – After seeing a few of my favorite influencers (@CourtneyGrow and @things.i.bought.and.liked) post about this moisturizing body oil, I decided to give it a try a few months back and wow! I now get what all the hype is about! My skin feels so much more moisturized than it ever seems to after simply using a body lotion, the oil seems to make all the difference. (And don’t worry, you wont feel all slick and gross – I actually find it to absorb quite quickly. I put it on right after the shower and by the time I brush my hair and put on my skincare, my skin now longer feels oily.) 

  • Etched Floral Tumblers via Anthropologie – I have been on the hunt for some colorful cocktail glasses for my parent’s home in Florida. (For my margaritas!) I saw @AnnieLCampbell use these in a recent tablescape she shared and quickly asked her where they were from. And then once I saw they were $36 for a set of 2, done and done, I ordered right away! 

  • Freshwater Pearl Necklace by Mon Été Studio on Etsy – It seems like freshwater pearl jewelry is on trend these days, so I was ready to give it a try but I didn’t want to break the bank so I found this simple necklace on Etsy for $50 and I am so pleased with it.  (Small Shell Dish is by Carolina Irving and Daughters

Interested in more of my favorite items? Remember, you can always find more of my favorite finds in the SHOP section of the blog.

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