Simply Found #55

Hand painted glassware and a new lip tint

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Simply Found - Kosas Sport Lip Fuel, Petra Palumbo, City Sandal Margaux, Loria Stern Pressed Flower Cake

Clockwise from top right: 

Follow @loriastern  –   I recently came across Loria Stern’s instagram and fell in love with all her pressed flower cakes and cookies. The bohemian almost art-y look is not exactly what would normally be up my alley but there is something about it that I just love! It almost feels so simple and refreshing compared to an overdone wedding cake. 

Lipfuel in Pulse from Kosas  –  When I was in the Hamptons the other weekend I stopped by Goop’s store in Sag Harbor and was excited to see that they were selling this new ‘sport’ lip tint from Kosas. I don’t have that very much all ‘natural’ makeup (though I am trying to steer in the natural/clean beauty direction again as of late) but for the past year I have loved the lipsticks I have tried by Kosas, a clean beauty brand. Their Stardust Lip Color is my go-to color for everyday. I love it so much that by accident I bought it twice (clearly I was very drawn to the color) – but it ended up being perfect because I keep one at home with all my makeup and one in my purse. Anyway – back to this Lipfuel from Kosas, the product is a new introduction from the brand is made with hyaluronic acid to be super hydrating for your lips. I love the color of the Pulse shade but that it feels a more like a chapstick than your average lipstick. 

Glassware from Petra Palumbo  – My friend Maddie O’Malley, a Market Editor at Architectural Digest, just featured this beautiful hand painted glassware in an entertaining story she created for their September issue. And to put it simply – I am obsessed.  Maddie has the best taste and I more of less want to buy everything she suggests, these water carafes are no different. I just placed an order for the Madeleine style and I cant wait to use it on my bedside table in my bedroom. 

Wool-Blend Wrap from Rag & Bone – I cant quite decide if I am ready for fall or sad that it is already the middle of August…? Either way, I have to admit that autumn is my favorite time of year clothing wise! This wrap caught my eye yesterday and is currently on my fall wish list.

Rattan Magazine Holder from Anthropologie – My mom just bought this magazine rack the other day and I think I may be a bit jealous. As we know, I love all things rattan. 

The City Sandal from Margaux – Margaux is where I turn for almost all of my shoes – I live in their ballet flats and their block heel is my favorite heel to wear to work (so comfortable.) I have been eyeing their new heeled sandal shoe style all spring and summer and I finally went for it and purchased a pair in this soft pink/nude color. I feel like it will be a good closet staple. 

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