Product Review: Sea Star Beachwear Harbourside Mule

Why I love this water resistant this neoprene espadrille!

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Do you have a favorite summer shoe?

A pair you slip on for all the times you leave the house? When you run errands or maybe for that quick walk to the beach. Our go-to summer shoe might be a classic flip-flop for many of us, but sometimes a flip flop does not cut it because of the lack of support, coverage, or simply being too flimsy. 

This summer, my Sea Star Beachwear Harbourside Mules have quickly become my favorite summer shoe. 

Water Resistant Boat Shoes Sea Star Beachwear

My mom and I have been fans of Sea Star Beachwear’s water-friendly neoprene espadrilles for years!

My mom bought her first pair of Beachcomber Espadrilles when she searched for ‘the best shoe to wear sailing.’ A comfortable, slip-on shoe that could get wet but also not mark up the boat deck.

Over the years, our Sea Star shoe collection has expanded. My mom had added to her Beachcomber collection – she has a pair in navy and another in red. My sister-in-law and I gravitated toward the Harbourside Mule, as we do not need the full coverage support for boating but love the shoes just to wear for any and every activity throughout the summer. Andie has the mule in orange and my pair is hot pink. My brother even joined in on the fun and got a pair of the mules in black. (I love that Sea Star offers shoes for men, women and kids!)

Pink Espadrille Slides from Sea Star Beachwear

Outfit Ideas with Sea Star Espadrilles

Why I love my Sea Star Beachware Harbourside Mules: 

  • easy to slip on – I’ll do anything not to have to tie shoelace or do any extra work!

  • the neoprene fabric – All Sea Star Beachwear shoes use water-friendly and wick drying neoprene fabric (the same fabric used to make a wet suit.) That means I can take our dog for a walk on the beach or step mistakenly in a puddle after a rainstorm and not worry about ruining my shoes.

  • a supportive rubber sole – So many of my sandals are made with leather soles that have no grip, making them extremely slippery. In contrast, these Sea Star Mules have a textured rubber sole.

  • the fun colors – I love the hot pink color of my mules, it might seem like a lot but it is almost so bright and unique that I find it matches any outfit (from a beach coverup to pairing with jeans.)

Sea Star Beachwear Mules

So there you have it, a few reasons why this neoprene espadrille has become my go-to summer shoe! 

Have you tried any of the products from Sea Star Beachware yet? Do you love everything as much as I do? 

The Fisherman’s Beach Tote is another product I love, so fun how it perfectly flattens out on the ground to show you everything inside. The next item I want to buy is a pair of the Kids Beachcomber Espadrille for my nephew. 

Fisherman Beach Bag from Sea Star Beachwear

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