Dazzle Dry Nail Polish Review

Why I love this long lasting manicure and an 8 step-by-step guide to follow paint your nails.

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If you are like me an always on the hunt for the best long-lasting, chip-free manicure, Dazzle Dry is one of my favorite solutions.

I love a good manicure; I really don’t feel like myself without my nails painted. Over the years I have tried COUNTLESS different brands of nail polish and had my nails painted professionally so so many times. But in the end, I am always happiest when I am fully in control and paint my nails at home.

When I found the Dazzle Dry manicure system – my DIY at home manicures got even better because the manicure is long lasting and keeps my nails healthy!

Keep reading for a step-by-step guide to Dazzle Dry manicure, my favorite polish colors from their collection and to learn what makes their nail polish formula unique and long-lasting.

Dazzle Dry Nail Polish Review

Dazzle Dry Nail Polish Review

What is Dazzle Dry?

Dazzle Dry is a unique, award-winning nail care system that is scientifically formulated to give you beautiful, healthy nails while being environmentally sound. The brand is founded by a bio-organic chemist, Dr. Valenty, as an aim to create a more natural alternative to nail care – a product that would promote healthier nails while delivering high performance results. Dazzle Dry is quick-drying, long-lasting (7+ days), hypoallergenic, free of harmful ingredients, uses no animal testing and made in the USA.

Dazzle Dry products are designed as a system – four steps that go together to give you a unique nail treatment.

the system nail polish from dazzle dry

At-Home Steps for a Dazzle Dry Manicure

Unlike a traditional manicure, there are a few more steps involved for this manicure (and it may seem like a lot at first!) but I promise you it is so worth it!

1. Prep:

Prepare your nails as you normally would for any manicure. Trim, file, cut your cuticles, buff, etc. I love to use the nail tool set from TenOverTen.

2. Cleanse with Nail Prep:

Add a bit of the Nail Prep solution to a cotton swap and scrub on each nail.

3. Base Coat:

Apply 1 or 2 layers of base coat. (Dazzle Dry suggests 2 coats but truth be told, sometimes I just do 1!)

*Note, if the Base Coat looks cloudy (ie not clear and see through like a traditional base coat) put it in 1 inch of hot water for about a minute or until the liquid becomes clear. I just heat up a bit of water in the microwave for 30 seconds.

4. Transform Coat:

If you have nails that are not smooth or have lots of ridges, now is the time to add a layer of the Transform Coat. This is not required but very helpful for a better looking and more long lasting manicure. After 1 layer of the Transform Coat follow up with 1 more layer of the Base Coat.

5. Nail Polish Color:

Now we add the nail polish color, what Dazzle Dry calls the ‘Nail Lacquer.’ Add two coats of lacquer to each nail. You will find that this will dry matte.

*If the Lacquer or Transform ever seems to thick and hard to use, add a few drops of the Revive Product to thin back out the formula.

6. High Gloss Top Coat:

Add the top coat to make your nails have a beautiful high gloss and be protected for a long lasting manicure. Like all stages for a Dazzle Dry manicure, this step is quick-drying. And you will be good to go after 1-5 minutes.

7. Hand Cream:

I can never seem to apply enough hand cream and as my nails are dry immediately after a Dazzle Dry manicure I always try to add a layer of hand cream right after my at-home manicure.

8. Removal:

When you are ready to remove your Dazzle Dry manicure (I find mine typically lasts 7-10 days before I get my first chips) any nail polish remover will work. (I love that unlike a gel manicure, I can easily remove this manicure at home!)

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Why I love Dazzle Dry:

Long Wear Time + Less Chipping:

Like a gel or dip manicure, a Dazzle Dry manicure offers a long lasting manicure and less chipping. But without the harmful chemicals and difficult removal process that comes with those forms of manicures. (I find mine typically last 7-10 days. On the Dazzle Dry website it says they can last up to 14 days.)

Clean Ingredients

I am no doctor or scientist, but I appreciate seeing that Dazzle Dry nail polishes are free of many harmful chemicals that can be found in other polishes.

No UV Lamps

I love that this nail polish gives me the look of a gel manicure (nice and thick and glossy) but I don’t need to put my hands under a UV light (that always freaked me out a bit with gel.)

Quick Drying

There is little (to no) down time after a Dazzle Dry manicure. I wait maybe one minute before doing something else (their directions say 5 minutes!) The hard set nails allow you to go about your daily life without a long wait period.

Healthy Nails

Again, no doctor here. But my nails always look and feel healthy when I remove any of my Dazzle Dry manicures. When anytime I switch to another brand (even so-called ‘healthy/non-toxic’ brands) my nails will look yellow or brittle. That never happens for me with the Dazzle Dry formula.

How to Buy / Try The Polish System:

  • You can buy ‘the system’ whenever you buy any Lacquer Color and then from there you can buy lacquer colors individually and keep using the rest of the steps with each future manicure.
  • The system is also available in a mini size if you want to test it out, but honestly, I just suggest buying the full size! I used the mini size once before I realized how much I loved it and quickly bought the full size!
  • Another option is to test Dazzle Dry at a nail salon, as many salons are now offering manicures with these polishes. You can search for a spa on the DD site here (I can say from personal experience that I have had Dazzle Dry manicures at a QQ in New York City and Mini Luxe in Boston.)

Dazzle Dry Nail Polish Review

Nan’s Favorite Dazzle Dry Lacquer Colors: 

I will note, that Dazzle Dry does not have quite as many nail polish colors as other brands but they are adding more and more each season and it keeps getting better!

Right now my go-to colors are:  Prima Ballerina, Fast Track Cherry, and Holly Berry.

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And there you have it, my guide to the perfect long-lasting at home manicure. If you are looking for more nail polish content, the other brand I love is TenOverTen (they have great colors and my favorite nail polish remover.)

*NOTE: This post is in no way sponsored by Dazzle Dry, it is simply just a product I buy and love. I chat about it a lot on instagram and get a lot of questions about it, so I wanted to have a post here on the blog with all my answers. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments!

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