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One of my go-to bags this summer has been this tan and red woven bag I picked up in Portugal last summer. (See image above.)

It is the perfect summer bag, not too big! It fits my keys, cell phone, and sunglasses – everything you need when headed out to dinner. I bought this bag on a bit of a whim, after spending a week in Portugal I had seen them in shop after shop. And of course, we know I love a woven bag…so I simply could not resist! Truth be told, I found mine at a small little tourist shop; looking back, I am sure there was probably a more ‘authentic’ shop that I could have visited to find a similar style. None the less, these handwoven ‘Reed Bags’ are a classic Portuguese product.

Just the other day – I came across two great online shops that sell this same style of Portuguese bags and I wanted to share with you all right away! A few people have asked me where I found my bag over instagram and I hate not being able to give a source, so now here are two great resources!

Totino Able – for over 10 years the company has been reinvigorating the art of Portuguese reed basket making and supporting local artisans. And what’s more – Totino Able bags ship to the USA for free! Shop their styles on their website or Etsy shop.

Heimat Atlantica – here the classic reed bag is taken one step further with the addition of a porcelain charm or sea shells. Shop these styles on their website or Matches Fashion.

Speaking of Portugal – one other favorite Lisbon find was A Vida Portuguesa – an amazing gift / lifestyle shop (or shops, as they have four locations in Lisbon!) They did not sell these Reed bags, but none the less the shops were filled with amazing finds!

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