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How many purses are too many? Read about why I love these vacation ready handbags.

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Product Review Pamela Munson Handbags

In the past few years, I have started to build a collection of Pamela Munson bags.

Season after season, no matter where I am, be it New York City or on vacation in Florida, I am always reaching for one of my Pamela Munson handbags as they are just so versatile and easy to wear.

Pamela, the Founder, Cameron Scott, Head of Design and their team continually launches designs that are feminine and classic but also unique and eye-catching. Everything is so beautiful, the hardest part simply ends up being deciding on what style to purchase!

So with that being said, I thought I would share a review and thoughts on why I love the five (that is right, five!) Pamela Munson bags that I currently have in my purse collection.

Pamela Munson – Purse Review

Think of this as your classic, everyday canvas tote bag, but elevated! 

I love the detail of the woven wicker base; it is something that catches your eye and makes the purse unique, but the handbag is still immensely practical thanks to the sturdy canvas. The bag is about a foot wide and a foot tall – so it holds everything you could ever need.

There is one interior zipper pocket that I will often store my wallet in or other things that I want to easily keep track of.  

*Note, this is certainly a tote bag, so you should not expect to carry it over your shoulder. 

I reach for this purse constantly whenever I am in Florida. While this is smaller than The Gardner Tote it still feels roomy and can fit all my necessities: my wallet, sunglasses, phone, car keys, face mask, hand sanitizer and still have some extra room. It can easily work with so many outfits and transition from a casual daytime look to a more sophisticated dinner look.

The bag is made of ‘crochet raffia’ so instead of wicker or rattan the bag is actually extremely soft to the touch, which I think also makes it more wearable. (And also easy to pack – I always bring this bag with me on vacation!) 

*This navy style is from 2020 and no longer made. But you can buy the updated 2021 version in a beautiful light blue (plus, it is currently on sale!)

I also have this simple woven wicker clutch with Navy Grosgrain detailing. We know that I love classic, understated accessories, so this clutch is right up my alley and something that I know I will have for years and years. I mainly only use clutches for dinners or special events, so this does get the least amount of wear out of my collection. The bag fits everything you need for a night out: your cell phone, a card case and lipstick.

Shop the 2022 version of this clutch!

This large tote makes the perfect beach bag or carry all because it fits SO much! The handwoven bag is 15 inches tall allowing it to easily hold your beach towel and anything else you might need.

Every season, Pamela will launch this tote with different handle straps, so mine has grosgrain handles with a lace trim. This style is from 2021 and no longer available but I love how classic this one is with Navy Grosgrain handles. Or maybe Pink or Khaki might be a better color way for you!

This tote bag is lined with with cotton and has one interior pocket.

*I do want to note that this bag is a bit heavy on its own because it is made of a thicker woven material. I was a bit surprised by this when I first arrived, so I just want to be sure to point that out.

The latest addition to my Pamela Munson handbag collection is this beautiful straw purse launched in February 2022 as a collaboration between Pamela and my friend (and talented artist) Riley Sheehey.

Riley designed a beautiful floral pattern that is used on the cotton fabric drawstring on the bags interior. This bag is just stunning, the handwoven rattan with the braided detail is just beautiful in person.

My mom and I plan to ‘share’ this purse but right now it is in my closet and I am certainly hoping it stays that way! 😉

The Market Tote

This is the perfect straw tote, truly!

It is made of a light weight woven straw with white embossed leather straps. It is 20 inches long and and 14 inches tall, allowing the bag can easily carry everything from your laptop to your beach towel (and let me tell you, I have carried both of those things and everything else!)

I reach for this bag constantly!

*Note: this bag was kindly gifted to me by the Pamela Munson team.

A few other styles I have my eye on:

This post was originally published in March 2021 and updated in February 2022.

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