New York, Vermont and Maine

the past month in photos 

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West Village Park, New York City

What a whirl wind the past month has been. I know everyone says this..but I honestly don’t know where the time went! And now it is almost September. I just can’t process it! 

In the last month I have been up and down New England. Working in New York during the week, and then off to Vermont for my cousins wedding and home to Maine for the other weekends. A lot of travel time, but it is such a treat to be able to escape the city heat on the weekend. So I thought it would be fun to do a little photo recap from the past few weeks. Be sure to follow @simplyelegantblog on Instagram to stay up to date with my day to day happenings. 

Tata Harper Skincare. Illuminating Moisturizer

My love for Tata Harper skincare is nothing new to the regular readers of Simply Elegant. So when I heard about the brand’s new Illuminating Moisturizer and Illuminating Eye Cream I was quickly interested. I am happy to report that the new creams do not disappoint, they have a beautiful subtle glow to them that gives your skin that sunkissed look. 

In other news, the Tata Harper Blog got a beautiful make over. Last fall when I interned in the Marketing Department at Tata Harper my main focus was working on content for the blog. So I was so excited to see the beautiful new layout and great new posts on the site. A wonderful source for healthy living information. 


Away CarryOn Suitcase - Travel Luggage

I was off to Vermont for the weekend and used my go to suitcase – this carry on from Away.  If you are in the market for a new suitcase I can not recommend this bag enough. I bought one as a gift for my Dad for his birthday this year and I think my mom has one also. It is the perfect size and really well designed. (It even comes with a built in charger that holds up to 5x charges for your phone!) 

White Exterior and Flower Filled Window Boxes, Vermont.

Picture perfect moments at every turn in Vermont. 

Blue Summer Dress / Rent the Runway

Summer weddings…lets talk candidly about this. Do you all always buy a new dress for each wedding that you go to? Earlier this summer I ordered a dress from Rent The Runway for another wedding and it ended up being the perfect dress and easy way to not blow through my wallet. So when I had another wedding in August, I headed right back to the Rent The Runway site to see what I could find. I ordered this blue dress by Tanya Taylor and it worked perfectly. It is not a silhouette I typically wear but I ended up loving the mid calf length. 

Perfect Exteriors - Grove Street, West Village, New York.

Back in New York and the West Village looking as perfect as ever. 

Bunny Williams Home - Blue and White Pillows

Last week for work we were up at Bunny Williams Home. These vintage blue and white pillows quickly caught my eye. We saw a preview of the new fall collection, and get ready, there is some amazing new furniture and accessories this year!  

Instagram Stories –  have you seen what I have been posting on @SimplyElegantBlog? I know that this update from Instagram is a pretty obvious copy from Snapchat but I have to admit, I do like the new feature. I find I am updating my Instagram Story much more than I ever did for snapchat because…well I check Instagram more times a day than I would like to admit. But I would love to know, which do you prefer, Snapchat or Instagram stories? 

Breakfast - Avocado Toast and Coffee

Saturday breakfast in Maine – avocado toast and coffee. What could be better?

Cliff Walk - Maine Ocean.

As the wave crash; to me there is nothing better than the ocean in Maine. 


Images by Nan via @SimplyElegantBlog Instagram

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