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my recent natural skincare favorites 

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Today, I wanted to share some of my recent skincare obsessions! As you might know, I am continually trying to have a more natural and chemical free skincare routine. The more and more I have read about harmful chemicals in skincare products…the more I am reminded of how important it is to look for safer alternatives. And luckily, there are so many natural skincare and beauty brands popping up that have equal, or at times, better quality products! My go to resources for natural skincare are Follain, Credo Beauty, the Goop Beauty Shop and articles on Well and Good. 

Last month I was looking to simplify my skincare routine, so I went to Follain on Charles Street while I was in Boston. I explained my current skincare routine to the helpful staff and they quickly had countless suggestions. Follain strives to find the best of the best natural beauty products that are highly concentrated and full of active ingredients that produce powerful results.  I have oily and combination skin, so I needed a mix of products for sensitive skin that also have some exfoliating abilities. I splurged a bit on the products, but I am so happy I did, they have been great additions to my morning and night skincare routines. 

Here is a breakdown of the current products I am using: 

  • Farmaesthetics – Fine Herbal Cleanser.   A simple and basic cleanser that works for all skintypes. I have found that it really helps to balance out my skin while leaving my face clean and fresh before I apply any other products.  (I also love the lower price tag of this product, allowing me to splurge a bit on some other products.) 
  • One Love Organics – Charcoal Cleansing Sponge.   This may look a bit odd at first, but it has made a world of difference for cleansing my skin. The sponge expands with water and serves a light daily exfoliant to help clean my pores and buff the skin. I use the Charcoal version, but for more sensitive skin or someone without any acne, the Rose Clay Sponge is also great. 
  • May Lindstrom – Jasmine Garden Botanical Mist.  I have read rave reviews and spotted May Lindstrom products many times, but had never tried any of the products prior to the suggestion from the staff at Follain. And let me tell you, I have become a true convert! This toner/essence is one of my favorite steps of my updated skin care routine. The soft jasmine and vanilla scented mist helps to seal in hydration on your skin before applying makeup or other products. 
  • May Lindstrom – The Problem Solver.   Oh my goodness, I am in love with this mask! It is packaged as loose powder; you use a teaspoon at a time and add water to activate the ingredients. It then foams into a thick mouse like substance that you apply to your face. The mask can be left on the skin for 10 – 40 minutes, but I usually just wear it for 20 minutes until it is fully dry on my skin.  The mask detoxifies and exfoliates the skin while tightening your pores, reducing inflammation and healing blemishes. I have tried many exfoliating masks for oily skin over the years and this is a total game changer! Absolutely amazing! 
  • Vintner’s Daughter – Active Botanical Serum.   This product could have an entire blog post dedicated to it specifically, it is that amazing! This serum has a cult like following, read more about it here and here. The first, and currently only, product from Vintner’s Daughter is full of 22 active botanicals that create this powerhouse serum. The founder, April Gargulio, struggled with acne and problem skin her entire life and after never finding the perfect product for her skin she decided to develop her own! The serum is created following the same traditional process of winemaking, her family’s business in Napa, which allows all the ingredients to retain their powerful nutritive properties. I use the serum every morning and night, about 6 drops at a time, and in just a few weeks I have already noticed a difference in my skin! Overall my my skin is much brighter and my acne scars are decreasing. The price tag of this product might shock you at first, but by only using a few drops at a time, one bottle lasts a long time and it is with out a doubt worth it!  

And in those few simple steps, my skin care routine is complete!

Do you all have any favorite natural skincare products that you are currently trying? Share your favorites in the comment section below. The next product I am on the hunt for is a great eye cream! 

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