Makeup Review: Westman Atelier Foundation Drops

My quick everyday makeup routine with the Westman Atelier Foundation Drops

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Foundation Drops and Brow Pencil - Westman Atelier

The other day one of my favorite clean makeup brands, Westman Atelier, launched a new product, Vital Skincare Dewy Foundation Drops. Of course, I could not resist ordering this right away to try and I wanted to be sure to share my thoughts with you all. 

Overall I would give the foundation a 8/10 rating. I really love it and have certainly reached for it often over the past week. It is night and light but still hydrating and I think provides a great simple base layer for the days when you want to wear a little something but not a face full of heavy foundation. The only reason I don’t give this product a 10 out of 10 is because it does not include any SPF so you need to be sure to apply SPF before moving onto this step. 

Below is a breakdown of a daily makeup look using the Foundation Drops and many other products I own and love from Westman Atelier. 

Easy Everyday Makeup Routine with Westman Atelier

  1. Sunscreen: Apply a layer of sunscreen after your skincare routine – I love Elta MD!

  2. Foundation: Apply a light layer of Vital Skin Foundation Drops all over your face. I wear shade III. You can apply with your fingers or a brush. (Westman Atelier sells a new Liquid Blender Brush but I just used the Blender Brush I already own and that worked fine.

  3. Concealer: After you have this perfect base layer on your skin, I add a bit of concealer under my eyes and in any other spots I need it with the Full Coverage Foundation and Concealer Stick (shade II.)

  4. Pressed Powder: To help the concealer stay all day I add a bit of Pressed Powder. (This is another relatively new product from Westman Atelier and I really like that it is not loose/less messy than other options on the market but I don’t think it will change your world, so if you already own a good powder, no need to replace it with this until you run out.)

  5. Eyebrows: You all know I love a good bold/strong eyebrow. I have been LOVING the Bonne Brow Defining Pencil from Westman Atelier. The product has both a pencil and detachable spoolie brush to keep your brows in place. I have both Clay and Brad color ways.

  6. Contour: I am not a big contour gal but I sometimes swipe on a bit of the Face Trace Contour Stick in shade biscuit.

  7. Bronzer: Next, I put on some of the Beauty Butter Powder Bronzer in shade Coup de Soleil. I have been really happy with this bronzer as it gives your skin a nice natural bronze without looking like you are wearing a ton of makeup.

  8. Highlighter: With out a doubt, one of my favorite Westman Atelier products is their Super Loaded Tinted Cream Highlighter. This product just gives you the perfect glow. I own this in both the Peau de Peche and Peau de Rose color way and use both, in these photos I am wearing the Peche hue.

  9. Mascara: Then a swipe of my Lengthening Mascara from Hourglass. (I also like Ilia’s Mascara and tend to randomly switch between the two. I tried Westman Atelier’s mascara a year or two ago when it first launched and did not love it, it is one of the few products of theirs that just was not for me.)

  10. Lips: From there I finish up with a bit of color on my lips, I dab a bit of the Baby Cheeks Lip + Cheek stick to the apples of my cheeks and my lips (I am wearing shade Petal here but also love Couchette and Dou Dou.) After that I add a thin layer the Squeaky Clean Liquid Balm.

Before & After

And that is it, a quick everyday makeup routine using the new Foundation Drops from Westman Atelier. I have used these makeup products developed by Gucci Westman for years, since they first launched, and I am continually so impressed by the quality of the product. I can’t recommend trying the brand enough! 

Watch this simple makeup routine in action in the Instagram Reel clip below:

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