Makeup Review: Tinted Sunscreen from Saie & Tower 28

Nan’s review of two clean tinted SPF’s.

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tinted spf bottles from saie and tower 28 in wicker basket on marble table with daffodils

Do you wear SPF daily?

I am far from perfect about sunscreen by try my best to wear it on my face daily and the easiest way for me to make that happen is with a tinted sunscreen being part of my morning makeup routine. 

For over a year, my go-to tinted SPF has been Slip Tint from Saie but last week I ordered SunnyDays from Tower28 to try as an alternative / in comparison. After using both clean SPFs for over two weeks, I wanted to share my honest review of both products. Keep reading for my thoughts on these clean tinted sunscreens. 

Saie – Slip Tint 

Quick Facts: 

  • Broad Spectrum SPF 35 Tinted Moisturizer 

  • Zinc Oxide 15% 

  • $35 (40 ml per container) 

  • 14 shade options (I wear shade 3 or 3.5) 

Nan’s Product Review:

  • This has been my go-to daily SPF for over a year! Especially as we all tend to be working from home these days, more often than not I skip a full face of foundation and opt for this tinted moisturizer from Sale (with SPF protection), an eyebrow pencil, mascara and blush. 

  • I think of this product as a bit more of a skincare / sunscreen duo. The creamy consistency and inclusion of Hyaluronic acid helps to hydrate your skin while also giving you SPF protection. 

  • I find this tinted moisturizer gives me a very subtle but nice dewy glow, which ever gal tends to like! 

  • *I want to be sure to mention that (for me) I find the Saie Slip Tint to have a bit of an odd scent. Hard to nail down exactly what it smells like (maybe play dough perhaps?!) It is nothing too strong and it does not bother me enough to not use the product, but if you are particularly sensitive to smells, this might not be for you. 

Purchase Slip Tint Tinted Moisturizer from various retailers:

  Saie,   Follain,    &     Sephora

Tower 28 – Sunny Days 

Quick Facts: 

  • Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Tinted Sunscreen 

  • Zinc Oxide 12.6% 

  • $30 (30 ml per container) 

  • 14 shade options (I wear shade 15/Melrose)

Nan’s Product Review:

  • SunnyDays is a new product for me, I have just had it for a week or so! But after hearing my friend Allie (@thehealthmason) rave about it, I wanted to give it a try. And I have quickly come to love this tinted SPF and reach for it over my previous go-to Save Slip Tint. 

  • In contrast to the product from Saie, I would consider this Tower28 product truly just a tinted sunscreen (aka not also a moisturizer.) But should you already have a moisturizer that you use daily, than this could be great for you. 

  • The formula is super light weight and glides nicely over your skin; after you apply the SPF it really feels like you have nothing on, which is just amazing. 

  • Tower28 is focused on making products that are ideal for ALL skin types and especially those with sensitive skin. Therefore this tinted moisturizer is fragrance and alcohol free. 

Purchase SunnyDays Tinted Sunscreen  from various retailers:

  Tower28,       Sephora,     Credo     &      Revolve. 

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