Lululemon Favorites

the five styles I love & wear constantly

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The other day I mentioned a few of my favorite items from Lululemon on instagram and I wanted to be sure to share here on the blog as well. From the styles I prefer to wear while working out to more casual and comfortable styles for everyday wear, these are some of my favorites that I always reach for!

Shop my favorite styles:

These are my favorite lettings for working out. The waistband has an elastic allowing you to pull the waist tight so the leggings stay in place (there is nothing worse than working out and having to pull up your leggings the whole time!) *Note the fabric on these is quite thin.

I have been wearing this super soft grey long sleeve t-shirt none-stop! It is certainly not the most flattering shirt but it is just so easy to wear. I love how the back is a bit longer to cover your bum while wearing leggings.

This style is the same cut as the shirt above but this one is made of Lululemon’s proprietary Nulu fabric which is light weight, sweat-wicking and breathable.

I first found out about this shirt from @Things.I.Bought.And.Liked and she said she prefers this Nulu version because it doesn’t wrinkle.

I feel like everyone knows about these perfect leggings, they are so soft and comfortable! These are my go-to leggings for everyday wear or just relaxing at home.

I love this relaxed and oversized t-shirt for working out or just casual days. I am not the gal who loves to wear tank tops when working out so instead I prefer this t-shirt as it is nice and lightweight but still allows you to feel covered.

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