Looking Back at 2016

A year in review; top 10 blog posts from 2016. 

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Nan Philip. Simply Elegant Blog.

2016 was quite the year; lots of exciting changes. I graduated from college, moved to New York and started my first job. Right now, at the start of 2017, it is crazy to think that I was back in school just a  year ago.  A lot can happen in a year! I don’t know about you all, but I suspect that most of us look back and reflect on the past year as a new year arrives. 

With that in mind, I thought I would pull together my 10 favorite blog posts here on Simply Elegant from 2016. A year in review of sorts. From new regular columns to travel posts, it is fun to look back on the year! 

Beautiful Pink Flowers. Simply Elegant Blog.

St. John Vacation. Simply Elegant Blog.


I started the year off with a wonderful Trip to St. John with one of my best friends from High School, such a fun way to ring in the new year. 


TreadUp Consign Clothing. Simply Elegant Blog.

The start of the new year often leads to a clean out of your clothes, for me it does at least! So back in January I shared my favorite aid as I clean you my closet – ThreadUp – simply throw your clothes in a bag, drop it off at the post office and your clothes will either be sold (where you make commission!) or donated. 


Barbour Island Vacation Guide. Simply Elegant Blog.

In February, I flew off to meet my mom in the Bahamas for a few days. We has such a great time in Harbour Island, it is one of my favorite places! 


Natural Skincare Products. Simply Elegant Blog.

I rounded up some of my Favorite Natural Beauty Products at the start of last year. From May Lindstrom to the cult favorite, the oil serum by Vintner’s Daughter. (I should pull together another post like this soon, as my routine has changed a bit! I am using a lot of Tata Harper products again. I will work on sharing an updated skincare routine in the next few weeks! 


Paris Vacation. Simply Elegant Blog.

In March, I counted my lucky stars when I went on amazing week long trip to France with my friend Katie! We started the trip in Paris with her family and then went to St. Tropez. 


Organize Email with UnRoll.Me. Simply Elegant Blog.

I shared one of my favorite organization hacks – UnRoll.Me – an site to help you unsubscribe and organize all those shopping and email newsletters. An inbox savior! 


Monogramed Straw Beach Tote. Simply Elegant Blog.

I spent many Weekends in Maine throughout the summer months, the perfect escape from the New York City heat! 


Brooke Kiernan Morning Routine Interview. Simply Elegant Blog.

The first interview series on Simply Elegant launched this summer with the Morning Routine of Brooke Kiernan McCallion. The series focuses on creative women, we get to take a peak into their lives, hear about their morning habits and how they gear up for the day! I hope to continue this series in full force in 2017, so stay tuned! 


NYC Brownstone in Autumn. Simply Elegant Blog.

I had my first Autumn in New York and loved every second of it. The city is so beautiful in the fall, it made me become even more in love with Manhattan. 


And then lastly, some of my other favorite posts from 2016 were from the new Simply Found series that I launched in the beginning of the year. The goal, to share some of my favorite items (from fashion to home decor) that I found in the past week each Monday here on Simply Elegant. I am afraid this did not happen every Monday….but I was very happy with the ones I did share. 


And those are my 10 favorite blog posts from 2016!

And now your turn, did you have any favorites? Let me know, it is always helpful to hear what you all like so that I can make sure to share the blog posts that are your favorites! I am looking forward to another wonderful year ahead, both here on Simply Elegant and generally! Here is to 2014. 

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