Les Bonbons Earrings

my favorite statement earrings by Rebecca de Ravenel 

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le bonbons earrings

rebecca de ravenel, le bonbons

blue les bonbons by rebecca de ravenel

blue les bonbons earrings

les bonbons blue earrings

We need to talk about my new favorite earrings – Les Bonbons by Rebecca de Ravenel. They are possibly the best statement earrings that I have ever worn. While the earrings might seem like a lot at first glance, they are so easy to wear! I continue to reach for them again and again to add some interest to my outfit.  If you are wearing a simple solid dress or white jeans and a classic top – all you have to do is throw on these earrings and you are set! One of the best things about these earrings, they are surprisingly light. With most statement earrings I find I have to take them off half way through the night, but that has never happened to me with this style. The silk wrapped sphere earrings are made in India and are the perfect addition to any outfit, especially in the summer! Les Bonbons can make your outfit.

My mom and are both obsessed. We first bought this multi colored blue pair but just recently decided it was time to add to our collection and I have ordered a white pair. Rebecca de Ravenel, the founder and creator, just released new styles that have a little extra sparkle, so those are on my wish-list. 

le bonbons earrings.

blue statement earrings. les bonbons.

Blue Le Bonbons Earrings.     Karen Walker Harvest Sunglasses.    J.Crew Silk Smocked-Waist Dress (on sale!) 

blue les bonbons. rebecca de ravenel.

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