Product Review: Hanni Splash Salve

A product review of the in-shower body moisture treatment from Hanni, a perfect ‘lazy-girl’ skincare step!

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product review of hanni splash salve

Is there anything worse than dry skin during the cold winter months?

Maybe the only thing as unpleasant is that dreaded step of putting on body moisturizer on a freezing winter day when you have just gotten out of a hot shower. I just always get so cold!! And to combat the uncomfortable feeling I would often skip doing a body moisturizing routine but then I would quickly be plagued with dry skin.

However, all of this changed when I discover the Hanni Splash Salve!

This body moisture treatment product is a game changer! I am so impressed with the way this rich whipped formula hydrates my skin and allows me to skip my dreaded post-shower lotion step (thanks to the ‘in-shower’ element of this product.)

Keep reading for a detailed product review and to learn why I love (and would recommend!) the Splash Salve from Hanni.  

Hanni Splash Salve Review

What is it?

  • The Splash Salve is a deep conditioning and hydrating in-shower body treatment. In contrast to a more traditional body lotion, you apply this product while you are still in the shower!

How do you apply the Splash Salve?

  • I use the product at the very end of my showers.  I like to step out of the water stream of the shower, take a small bit of the rich cream and rub it onto my wet skin. The product has somewhat oily texture and you will quickly see the product start to melt into your skin. I then step back under the showerhead for a quick final rinse, turn off the shower and dry off as usual.
  • After using the Splash Salve you get to skip the dreaded post-shower body lotion step and instead already have nourished and soft skin the moment you step out the shower!

What skin type is the product for?

  • As always, I am not a dermatologist or skincare expert (just an enthusiast) but it seems that the Splash Salve works for most skin types, such as normal, dry, combination and oily.
  • The product does have a strong floral fragrance. So if you have issues with strong scents or fragrances, this product might not be for you! I personally love the fresh floral scent!

What ingredients does the body treatment include?

  • The whipped formula is made from a range of ingredients including Jojoba, Shea Butter and Coconut oil. These natural oils help to support your body’s neutral lipids and repair, nurture and sooth your skin.

How is it packaged?

  • The Splash Salve comes in a 100% aluminum jar that can be recycled after you have used it!

open container of hanni splash salve

Where To Buy Hanni Products

  • Or buy directly from the brand at  // use code NAN15 for 15% off sitewide  

Where To Buy Hanni Products

And there you have it, details on why this shower treatment was one of my favorite skincare discoveries of 2023!

I always love to try new products and add to my skincare routine, so check back for more product reviews.

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