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Perfect items for the guys in your life.


2020 Simply Elegant Gift Guide

I don’t know about you but I always find buying gifts for men to be the hardest part of my holiday shopping to-do list… Here you will find over 20+ gift ideas that hopefully are sure to keep all the guys in your life happy this holiday – from cozy items to spruce up their wardrobe or work from home desk essentials and much more!


Give him the gift of cozy cashmere this holiday. My Dad loves this sweater (he seems to wear his almost daily!)


Now that you both are working from home, it is time to get a printer. I have this exact version and the compact size is perfect for apartment living; it can easily fold up and be tucked away when not in use.


In our family, we love a good puzzle over the holidays! This vintage New York map would be great for anyone who might be missing the city this year.

mouse pad.png

It seems like none of us are headed back to the office any time soon, so it is the perfect time to help him upgrade his home office set up with a new mousepad.


The perfect stocking stuffer with a festive touch.


My brother has been living in these slippers over the past few months. My dad promptly got jealous and ordered himself a pair!

Wine Preservation System

If you don’t want the same bottle of wine for dinner – no need to worry. This fancy contraption from Coravin allows you to pour one glass without removing the cork so the wine will not spoil.

(I may or may not have this on own personal wish list! My brother and sister-in-law have it and I am always jealous.)


Is it time for an at home vegetable garden? This smart set up that comes with an app for your phone and automatically waters and lights your plants as needed.

Wireless Charger Station by Courant

Because we could all use less charing wires in our life.

Swiss Arm Knife.png

For his key chain, so he is always prepared. (Just make sure to remind him to take it off his key chain before he goes to the airport – but as it is 2020, there probably will not be many airport visits any time soon…)


If he likes to cook – this cast iron dutch oven is a must for any well equipped kitchen.


So his coffee can stay hot all morning long.


No one likes brushing their teeth but the daily routine becomes a bit more bearable with this electric toothbrush.


It’s a gift for him, it’s a gift for the dog – it’s really one in the same as it will keep them both distracted.


The cozy robe you know and love from Weezie Towels now comes in a style made for him. Add his monogram or leave it plain, the plush cozy robe certainly will not disappoint.

Ice Mold from Wintersmiths

For the guy who loves a good drink – give him this gift so that he can take his ice game to the next level. The kit allows you to create perfect clear spheres of ice, which I am told is ideal for keeping certain liquor and cocktails cold.

Zip In Vest by Barbour

He most likely already has a Barbour Jacket, so this year give him the gift of an extra cozy layer with this vest that he can zip into his classic Barbour Jacket to stay warm this winter.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones by Aftershock

I feel like every guy likes a gift that is tech related. Everyone in my family (insert eye roll!) has these headphones because my Dad loves them and gifted them to all of us. But I have to admit they are worth the hype.

Backgammon Board by Nine Fair

Game night anyone? We love these classic backgammon boards from Nine Fair that can be customized.

Red Fleece Jacket from Penfield

A cozy classic fleece, in bright red, what could be more festive?

2020 Simply Elegant Gift Guide

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