9 jewelry brands for charm bracelets and necklaces

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Nan’s Long Charm Necklace: 30 inch chain, Vintage Cancer Charm, Vintage Round Pendant (initials engraved on other side), Wishbone by Jennifer Fisher, Pearl by Lizzie Fortunato, Happy Pill by Jennifer Fisher (similar.)

Nan’s Long Charm Necklace: 30 inch chain, Vintage Cancer Charm, Vintage Round Pendant (initials engraved on other side), Wishbone by Jennifer Fisher, Pearl by Lizzie Fortunato, Happy Pill by Jennifer Fisher (similar.)

Lately, I can not get enough of all things charms when it comes to jewelry.

Chic, gold, charms. Yes please! Be it an old-school charm bracelet or a layered charm necklace (I think a charm necklace is perhpas the younger/more modern take on a classic charm bracelet.) One day I might be wearing a big, chunky statement necklace full of affordable charms. And the next a more delicate, fine gold charm necklace with just 2 or 3 charms. I’ll take any and all of it! 🙂

However, I think it can be hard to know where to buy beautiful gold charms and necklaces. So I wanted to pop in here and share a list of great jewelry brands for all your charm necklace needs! I hope this range of options (offering a wide array of price-points) will be helpful.

And let me know – did I miss any great sources??! Do tell (in the comment below or via email!) I am always bookmarking jewelry ideas like these to my ‘one day/ some day wish list!’ So please send any and all ideas my way!

Aurelia Demark

Shop Auerlia Demark here.

While I have yet to order a piece from Auerlia Demark for myself, I am continually stalking their instagram page. Talk about classic and chic, fine charm necklaces and bracelets.

I am in LOVE with their Four Leaf Clover and have it on my one day, wish list! I don’t know what it is but I love anything ‘luck’ related. I suppose because why not, right? We could all use a bit more luck!

Fewer Finer

Shop Fewer Finer here.

As I have gotten more interested in collecting beautiful charms for my necklaces and bracelets in the last few years, I have started to realize that some of the best charms are vintage (not surprisingly!) And a few of my lovely followers (thank you!) suggested that I take a look at Fewer Finer, a brand that sells stunning custom and vintage jewelry all curated by the founder Madison. Every week, Madison releases a new batch of vintage charms of instagram and I am always in love with the collections she curates. I hope to add one (or a few) of their vintage charms to my collection in the next year or so.

Heritage Jewelry

Shop Heritage Jewelry here.

Heritage Jewelry is another brand I have my eye on, my friend Becca has one of their beautiful necklaces and told me about them this past December.

The concept behind Heritage Jewelry is that the circular charm represents a calendar year (either with roman numerals or zodiac signs) and then you add stones for your children/loved ones. As your family grows, you can send the necklace back to add more stones. I think this is such a unique and modern way to have a personalized charm necklace.

Charm Co.


Shop Charm Co. here.

I found out about Charm Co. via one of my favorite instagram follows, @melissasmrekar (go follow her! she has great taste and is a total hoot!)

Talk about an amazing collection and wide assortment – Charm Co. could have a charm for any theme, life event or look you could imagine (so get ready to take a deep dive into their site!) I also find myself continually looking at their Vintage Vault, as they find such unique and fun charms. I got my first charm from them this winter to add to my charm bracelet – I am just behind on actually ADDING it to the bracelet, I need to take it to the jeweler to have that done.

M. Flynn

Shop M.Flynn here.

I love following this Boston based, sister owned jewelry boutique on instagram; they sell so so many brands I love (Brent Neale – her sea shell is another wishlist item!) I have yet to visit their shop in person – but you had better believe it will be one of my first things I do when I get back to Boston this spring.

While I have not ordered from them personally, my brother has picked up some items from them for his wife and been very happy with everything!

Lizzie Fortunato

Lizzie Fortunato - Fine Jewelry Gold Charms

Shop Lizzie Fortunato here.

*This link will get you 15% off your first Lizzie Fortunato purchase if over $100.

If you have been an avid reader of Simply Elegant, you know that Lizzie Fortunato is one of my go-to jewelry brands (for example, see more here and here.) The New York based, sister run company just kills it in my mind, everything is so chic, makes a statement but is also somehow classic. Generally, I think of Lizzie Fortunato for my statement jewelry, but in the last year they have launched more fine/14k gold jewelry like the above. I have my eye on Emerald and Green Amethyst Square Necklace Charm, I think that would be a beautiful addition to my long charm necklace.

Jennifer Fisher

Shop Jennifer Fisher here.

Overarchingly, I would say that the Jennifer Fisher jewelry line is not exactly ‘my look.’ But I do think she deserves credit as one of the first people to really ‘bring back’/launch the charm necklace trend. She launched her business in 2006 when she could not find the perfect necklace to commemorate her son’s birth, so she designed her own.

As you can see at the top of this post, I have a long (30 inches) charm necklace. That chain and a few of the charms are from Jennifer Fisher.


Shop Rondel here.

Rondel launched at the end of 2020, founded by Lindsey Julia Boyd, who you might recognize as she is a co-founder of The Laundress (my favorite laundry detergent!) The brand aims to help you build a unique collection of contemporary, fine jewelry pieces with an heirloom aesthetic.

I have yet to try anything from Rondel personally, but I am excited to keep my eye on it because I suspect that they have big plans for the company. As Lindsey clearly has a knack for entrepreneurship and business; Lindsey and her co-founder Gwen Whiting sold The Laundress to Unilever for a reported $100 million in 2019.

Asha by ADM

Shop Asha by ADM here.

I have had an Asha Zodiac Pendant Necklace for what feels like years (maybe 5+) and I still reach for it all the time. The mother of pearl and gold combination is just so classic – and for $195 for the pendant and charm, it is a great price point. More recently, I added one of their Initial Classic Rings to my jewelry collection and it is such a fun statement to ring to wear. Next up, I am eyeing one of the charms above – maybe the Oxford Charm.

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