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Where to find unique vintage gold charms

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“Where is that necklace from?”

“Tell me more about your necklace!!”

“Where did you find those gold charms?”

With out a doubt, one of the most common questions I am asked in my instagram DM’s is about this necklace.

On my necklace I have a mix of charms from handed down to me from family, vintage charms I have found from various jewelry shops and some brand new charms. I tend to buy myself one or two new charms each year and my family also knows that I like to build a collection, so they know it is always a safe gift.

What I love about a charm necklace (vs. a bracelet) is that you can easily swap the charms where the charms on a bracelet are typically welded on. A necklace allows for a bit more flexibility and editing.

long gold charm necklace

MY Charm Necklace

long 30 inch chain from Jennifer Fisher

vintage ‘N’ charm from Fewer Finer

14k gem charm from Lizzie Fortunato

wishbone by Jennifer Fisher

vintage smily face (was my mom’s)

vintage octagon with pearl from Charm Co.

Create Your Own:

  • Necklace Chain: I would suggest looking at Fewer Finer’s collection. They have a wide range of price points, lengths and styles as well as a mixture of new and vintage pieces.

  • Vintage Charms: I have found my favorite vintage charms from Fewer Finer & Charm Co. I suggest following both brands on Instagram as they will sometimes launch new vintage charms on Instagram before they upload them to their websites.

  • New Charms: As I mentioned above, I also have some charms from Lizzie Fortunato, so that would be another place to look!

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