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five favorite candles

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Best Chic Candle Brands - Diptyque to Le Feu De Leau

I have a confession to make – I think that I have an obsession with candles! 

I have candles sprinkled throughout my apartment from the living room to the kitchen. Slowly but surely, I seem to continually add to my collection and find new favorite scents. I tend lean to clean, crisp scents with an undercurrent of white flowers. My favorites are from everything from big brands like Diptyque to smaller brands such as Hawkins.

Where to Buy Candles - Diptyque, Cire Trudon, APC and Le Feu De Lead

Simply Elegant Favorites

Diptyque – the classic brand that everyone knows and love. Jasmine is my go to scent but Tubereuse is my new favorite. Of course, I also love Baies. 

Hawkins – simple and beautiful scents, my favorite is Jaipur. 

A.P.C – the fashion brand has wonderful candles my favorite scent is No. 2 Jasmine Vert

Le Feu De L’eau – I love the look of these candles and they last forever. Le Feu Gris is my favorite with Le Feu Peche as a close second. 

Cire Trudon – I have And El Vader in my kitchen (a fresh mint scent.)


I would love to know, do you have favorite candle brands that I should add to my rotation? 

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