Amazon Prime Day

A curated list of the items I own, love & highly recommend for prime day

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Today is the day, Amazon Prime Day!

I was hesitant on if I would post anything about Prime Day because it can sometimes feel very overwhelming and I also don’t like the idea of promoting quick sale purchases that you might regret. However, after taking a look at the offerings this morning I realized that there is a select group of 20 or so products that I own, love and use regularly that are on sale.

You can find a curated collection of all my favorites in my Amazon Shop but I wanted to give some context for a few of my very favorite items:

  • Frame TV — if you need a new TV, I can not recommend this TV enough. I have had mine for over 5 years and moved with it 4 times and it is still in great condition and something I love. It is so great that my whole family has even gotten on board and purchased ones for their own homes.

  • Kindle – I bought a kindle for myself for Christmas this past year and I am obsessed! I find I am reading so much more often because of how light weight it is (aka easy to throw in your purse or travel with.) My mom started to get jealous that she did not have one, so we gifted her one for her birthday last month and she has been using it none-stop!

  • Pebble Ice Machine – I mean, who does not love pebble ice. My brother and sister-in-law have this at their house and we are all obsessed. I would have it here in NYC also but my kitchen is so small, I just don’t have the counter space.

  • The Chin Straps – join me and look like a crazy person while wearing facemasks at home!

  • True & Co Bra – If the pandemic taught us one thing, for me it might have been to stop wearing uncomfortable bras (ha!) I swear by this super comfortable bra with no underwire.

  • Epilator – stop shaving your legs multiple time a week and instead buy this epilator. Years ago I read an article in a beauty magazine about hair removal and it suggested an epilator as a middle ground between shaving and laser hair removal – so of course I ordered one but then I thought it hurt and did not really use it. But the other month @courtneygrow chatted on her instagram and she raved about her epilator. So I dug back up my epilator from my storage under my skin and gave it another try. GAME CHANGER! It might hurt a bit the first time (it is sort of like the snap of a rubber band) but now that I do it once a week or every 2 weeks, it barely bothers me at all. And because it tweezes your hair (aka takes the whole hair follicle, it lasts so much longer than shaving!

Okay, I could go on and on with details about each and every product but I will just let you take it from here! If there are any deals I missed, let me know in the comments and I will update my Amazon Shop.

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