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image via instagram 


Happy Friday!  

As we head off into the weekend or not so patiently wait for the Friday work day to be over (missing summer Fridays already!) I have rounded up some links from around the web this last week. 



  • If you know me well (or read the blog often) you know how I feel about Les Bonbons by Rebecca de Ravenel.  Last week, the designer launched her first ready to wear line at fashion week. Don’t worry, she still has some amazing and unique earring options. But now the questions arises – which earrings are my favorite?  – Rebecca de Ravenl on Moda ‘Operandi    


  • As I have mentioned before, I have always been a fan of Matouk linens, so you can imagine my joy when my new Matouk bedding arrived this past week.  I love the simple and feminine look of the Butterfield style in Ocean Blue and the matching monogram. – Matouk


  • I have to be honest, I am a total Glossier fan! Over the past few years I have slowly tried more and more of their products and each time they win me over! I use their Boy Brow and Balm Dotcom daily,  I love their Lip Tints and my latest obsession is their body oil (see here or on instagram.) A article on Vogue.com this past week announced that the brand will launch their first perfume later this fall. I wonder what it will be like? tbd.  – Glossier on Vogue



  • In the morning while I get ready for the day, make my breakfast and organize my life before work I typically listen to a podcast. For me it is the perfect way to start the day and make tedious tasks (unloading the dishwasher) more manageable. This week I listened to some older episodes of How I Built This and I really enjoyed the feature on Kate and Andy Spade. They discussed everything from starting the Kate Spade brand with burlap bags to selling the company and starting new adventures and businesses.  –  How I Built This / NPR 


  • Gweneth Paltrow – people tend to either love her or hate her, or they can’t decide… Either way, I was excited to hear that Goop was launching their first edition of a print magazine this fall. I picked up a copy this week (at Casa Magazine’s – a great classic newstand in NYC) and really enjoyed it. As it is a quarterly publication it was more expensive than your classic monthly magazine but it seems worth it. You could consider it goop.com but more in depth / longer stories.  – Goop in Print



  • Meditation….I would love to know, do you meditate? I do not (regularly at least) but I am interested in trying it out, especially as it is supposed to be extreamly helpful with anxiety. I went to MNDFL this week, a mendiation stuido in Greenwich Village, a space that could be described as the Soul Cycle of meditation. Classes vary in length from 30 – 60 minutes and you book your ‘pillow’ online in advance. My meditation was not so sucsessful this time around the studio was really nice and I think I will give it another try down the road.  – Mndfl 


  • One of my favorite shops I visited in East Hampton this past summer was St. Frank, a design and interiors pop-up from the San Francisco based brand.  This week, they opened a New York City pop-up and have anounced that they will have a Palm Beach pop-up this winter as well. From their artisian items to beautiful fabrics, it is such a wonderful store; I am adding a visit to the shop to my to-do list for next week.  – St. Frank
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