6 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Not sure what to gift your mom this year? Here is a simple list of 6 perfect ideas for Mother’s Day!

So as we know, I am not a mom. So it almost seems a bit odd for me, a single 27 year old gal, to be recommending mother’s day gifts…but alas, here we are! 

Therefore I am going to suggest you gift your mom one of these six items – products that I personally own, highly recommend and use regularly. They have been excellent upgrades in my daily life, so I hope they might be nice for your mom as well! 

Secondly, I focused on these specific items because I think they are items that are ‘nice to haves’ but not ‘need to haves.’ Aka – the perfect gifts!

Usually we can always justify buying the items we need but it can be harder to treat ourself to the items we want. These are the pieces that women love and continually have on their wishlist but sometimes have a hard time justifying buying for themselves (clearly, I dont have that problem!) Do any of us technically NEED a new curling iron, tote bag or another pair of earrings – probably not. But would these items make your mom’s day to day a whole lot nicer, you better believe it! 

6 Tried & True Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Dyson AirWrap

SHOP: Dyson / Sephora (sold out) / Ulta (sold out) / Ebay Refurbished


Dyson AirWrap - Mothers Day Gift - @nan.philip .jpeg

Dyson AirWrap

SHOP: Dyson / Sephora (sold out) / Ulta (sold out) / Ebay Refurbished

Shown with IKG Beach Club Texturizing Spray, Silk Hair Clip (old,) and Small Belle Rives Tray.

Is the Dyson AirWrap worth the hype = 100% YES!

Forget about your other blowdryers and curling irons and replace them with with one machine that does it all – with various attachments you can go from wet hair to beautiful curls in minutes but simply switching attachments.

The catch – it is an investment! That is why the Dyson would make a perfect gift 😉

If you are looking to save a bit its worth considering buying a Dyson Certified Refurbished version off Ebay – I have not done this personally but I have heard great things from other influencers (so if I were to buy again, I might go this route to save some $.)


Magazine Subscriptions, A Kindle & Some Free Time

SHOP: In Kind Magazine (volume 2). / Veranda Magazine / Kindle Oasis

I think all mom, but especially mothers of young children, would appreciate some extra moments of peace and calm to relax.

So perhaps take the kiddos out for a morning activity and give mom time to relax at home (in her new bathrobe) and catch up on some reading. Gift her some new magazine subscriptions – two of my current favorites are Veranda (a classic!) and InKind (a new publication founded by my friend Leah Melby Clinton and Hannah Weil McKinley.) Or maybe they love to read books but they have not splurged on a Kindle yet (I just treated myself to one earlier this year and I am hooked!)

Weezie Long White Robe

SHOP: Weezie

My robe (as shown) has white piping and custom embroidery in the River Style in their French Blue thread.

Before I had my Weezie Robes (yes I own multiple!) I was not a robe gal but I have become a total convert and so has my mom. They are the ultimate luxury, so cozy and soft. The perfect item to wrap up in at the end of the day (or start of the day!)

For sizing, I find the robes fit true to size and they are made to be slightly oversized but if you like a lot of extra room, I suggest sizing up. Weezie’s size guides are also extremely helpful as well as their customer service!

Larkspur & Hawk Jane Studs

SHOP: Net-A-Porter / Larkspur & Hawk

I think you can’t really go wrong by gifting any woman jewelry for Mother’s Day or any holiday. Every gal could use some new additions to her jewelry box a few times a year.

Both my mom and I love everything from Larkspur & Hawk, they make the most beautiful earrings and jewelry in an array of hues. My mom has these exact studs in blue and I have some in pink and grey.

Neely & Chloe Vanity Cases

SHOP: The Small Vanity Case x Julia Berolzheimer (as shown in image) / The Large Vanity Case x Julia Berolzheimer. The collaboration with Julia is limited edition (some colorways are sold out but will be back in stock in June.) In the meantime, Neely & Chloe’s classic solid leather colorways are available. The Small Vanity Case Saffiano / The Large Vanity Case Saffiano

Does your mom love all things beauty and skincare? Perhaps you should gift her Vintner’s Daughter, a cult favorite skincare product. Read my full review of both Vintner’s Daugther products here. Or maybe Westman Atelier’s clean makeup!

Pamela Munson Gardener Tote

SHOP: Pamela Munson

The perfect every day tote bag to take her from a day of running errands to a weekend at the beach. Shown here with my Celine Sunglasses.

Do you have your eye on other Pamela Munson handbags, read this blog post for my full review of all the Pamela Munson handbags I own and love.

So there you have it, six tried and true favorite items (all Nan approved!) that would make wonderful gifts for Mother’s Day.

take this blog post, forward it to your siblings or send it to your husband – it is time to get shopping!

As always, if you want to go the classic route – flowers from your local florist are always Mom approved (and great to support local stores!) Or the easiest gift of all – just spend time with your mom or give her a call this Mother’s Day to tell her how much you love her. While all our moms deserve to be spoiled rotten, I am sure they would simply just love to hear from us!

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