Three Needlepoint Pillows

A year later, three needlepoint pillow projects are finished.

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It has been a little while since I shared some recent needlepoint projects, so I thought I would share a three pillows that my mom and I recently received back from the finisher.

As you know, the process from start to finish for a needlepoint project can be long. Give or take, these pillows probably took a little less than a year.

In the spring and summer of 2022, we worked on stitching these projects. And then in September, we sent our stitched canvases off to Janet Basnett to be ‘finished’ into pillows. I hear from needlepoint beginners that the finishing process can be confusing and intimidating, but I think Janet does a wonderful job at describing the process and communicating with you over email. So if have any canvases that you hope to have finished into pillows, she could be a great resource. Also, Janet is fast! While some finishers can take 3-6 months, Janet sent these pillows back to us in about 9 weeks!

Of course, another option is always to take your stitched canvas to your local needlepoint shop as they can surely also help you with the finishing process.

Find more images and and
links to each canvas below!

‘Bonne Nuit’ Canvas 

by Le Point Studio

I made this pillow for my niece and I am so happy with how it turned out. (That ruffle edge detail on the pillow – LOVE!)

I’m Not on That Committee Canvas 

by Stitch Style 

My mom worked on this needlepoint project!

I Would be Pleased to RSVP as PENDING 

from C’ate La Vie 

This is one of my favorite sayings from Schitt’s Creek (the tv show), so as soon as I saw the needlepoint canvas deign I knew I had to stitch it.

*NOTE* For each of these needlepoint canvases I have linked to the canvas designer but be sure to remember that almost any needlepoint shop can order any canvas design for you. If you want to support your local needlepoint shop, simply share the canvas details with them and hopefully they can order the exact canvas.

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