Last Year’s Beauty + Fashion Favorites

Nan’s top 20 beauty, clothing & accessories from 2020

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Before we fully dive into the new year, I wanted to quickly pop in and share a round-up of my top 20 beauty + style items from 2020; the items I reached for time and time again that became the real workhorses of my wardrobe or makeup cabinet.

Do you have any standout products from the last year we all must try? Let us know in the comment section below!



This is one of those miracle beauty products that will give you that perfect glow we all continually strive for. I love to put a little on both my cheeks and add a bit on my eyelids for a lovely shimmer.

I like the Peau de Rose shade (shown here) in the winter and Peau de Soleil shade in the summer months.


Hands down, the Artis makeup brushes are the best makeup application tool I have ever used (compared to sponges, other brushes, etc.) I use this Palm Mini size to apply my foundation.


I always turn to @kathleenjenningsbeauty on Instagram for skincare and beauty suggestions and she swears by these eye patches that you can find at Target or Wallgreens. My mom and I started using them in March, and we love them as a way to depuffing our undereye area.


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that painting my nails has been one of my new 2020 hobbies. With a bit of practice and all the tools included in these kits – giving yourself your own manicure or pedicure is not too hard with practice and patience.


With the pandemic and social distancing, I put my heavy makeup aside and this light foundation from Ilia was my go-to throughout the year. The light coverage, the dewy foundation was just what I needed to cover up slight imperfections but not feel weighed down by too much makeup. As an added bonus, I love that the foundation has SPF 40. *I wear Shade 5 Bom Bom.

I have tried countless iterations of ‘clean’ mascaras in search of the perfect formula and I firmly believe that the mascara by Saie (a new clean beauty line that launched in late 2019) is the best on the market.

*Reminder – I have said it before and I will say it again; no matter what mascara you use, be sure to curl your eyelashes first for maximum impact!

Saie’s Eyelash curler is also great.


I certainly could not recap products from 2020 and not include Hand Sanitizer, could I? This clean formula is my go-to favorite with a fresh (but not overpowering) orange scent and quick drying.

P.S. I also wear their clean deodorant, Rosy Pits.



Two things I love combined; a beautiful block print pattern and my favorite color combo of blue and white. This dress quickly became my go-to dress to wear all summer long – the perfect item you can easily throw on and dress up or down, depending on the occasion.


I swear by these LuluLemon leggings – the super soft material is perfection. I also love these leggings because they work for so many scenarios – from your casual work from home wardrobe to an afternoon yoga session.


An excellent puffer jacket that genuinely keeps you warm against the cold can be harder to find than one might hope; but I can tell you that this navy down jacket does just the trick. I wore it all of last winter and again this year.

*I must say I have been really impressed with everything I have tried from the Tory Sport brand.


With 2020 being the year of loungewear, I reached for my t-shirt stack again and again while saving my fancy blouses for the future. As you know, I am always on the hunt for the latest and greatest products, continually trying new brands. However, not surprisingly, this year solidified my continued belief that The Great makes the best classic tees around. Do your self a favor and start to build a collection 😉


I don’t think a week went by this past year where I did not wear Demi flats from Margaux multiple times. I truly live in these ballet flats; they are the perfect fit, comfortable for a day of errands in the city and oh so classic. I have a few pairs but this leopard colorway is my current favorite!

*Use code Nan10 at checkout for 10% off your first Margaux order. I find their shoes run true to size, just follow the size guide they provide.


I picked up three of these simple gold beaded bracelets at the start of 2020 and found myself wearing them non-stop throughout the year. They are the perfect simple accessory. I have 2 in size 4mm and one in size 5mm.

I try to remember to take them off when I shower or swim but often forget (woops!) and they are still in wonderful condition 12 months later.

This dress has been a crucial part of the 2020 wardrobe for all the Philip family women. My mom, sister-in-law and I each own a few styles and wear them constantly both as nightgowns to indeed ‘nap’ in, as ‘house dresses’ around the house and out of the house running errands. I love the Ellie style to wear out and about and the Caroline style as a true nightgown.

*Use this link to get $20 off your Nap Dress order if this is your first time purchasing from Hill House Home.


Presumably, we all spent a lot more time in sweats this past year; therefore, by late April, I decided to elevate my relaxed wardrobe options and splurged on this sweatshirt.

My other favorite splurge-worthy sweatshirts are from The Great.


If you were still wearing a bra with an underwire at the end of 2020… let’s just say it might be time to re-think that decision!?! And start with ordering a wireless bra from True & Co. I discovered these comfortable bras via an Instagram ad of all things and quickly became obsessed. I now have multiple of this triangle version and the V Neck Style.


After eyeing this sweater for months, I finally splurged on it in the late spring, and it quickly became one of my favorite items in my closet. It is undoubtedly one of the coziest things I own. I am now a total Jenni Kayne convert and want my entire wardrobe to be from their chic collection.

*Note, the sweater runs slightly oversized. Buy your regular size if you like an oversized fit or order a size down if you want a snugger fit.


Talk about a perfect closet staple. I reach for this scarf all year long – as a cozy scarf in the cold winter months or as that top layer for chilly New England summer nights. It is a wonderful XL size so it can even double as a blanket when traveling (whenever it is we will start doing that again…maybe at some point in 2021!)


My love of statement earrings came in handy during 2020 with all the zoom calls that filled our calendars. Week after week, I would continually reach for this gold and freshwater pearl style from Lizzie Fortunato; I love how the earring feels classic but makes a subtle statement all at once.

*Use this link to get 15% off your first Lizzie Fortunato purchase if over $100.


I am more or less a broken record when it comes to Lake Pajamas; they are just so soft! And then, of course, I have never met a stripe I didn’t love, so it is really a win-win! My top picks are the’Pima Weekend’ styles (aka the pajamas without the contrasting piping/trim) as I like how they are cut and find the fabric to feel a bit softer. I ordered this set in November and I love that it works for all seasons as it includes pants and shorts.

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